Philip Daigle
20 Jan 2016

Philip Daigle

Wednesday – Bonus Session (* Free Optional

20 Jan 2016

Wednesday – Bonus Session
(* Free Optional Session)


Philip has worked in student and Next Gen ministry for over 10 years. He is known for his funny stories, energetic style of communication, love for Houston sports, as well as his love for his family, the local church and God’s presence.
He is truly passionate about raising up the next generation in the local church to experience the presence and power of God in a real way. Today, Philip, along with his wife Annie, serve as the Young Adult Pastors at Christian Life Austin in Austin, Texas.
They are reaching college age students and making an impact at the University of Texas, St. Edward’s University and other colleges in the area. They do this all while raising the 3 greatest boys of all time: Brady Sloan (age 7), Dean Major (age 5), &
Houston Wayne (age 3)


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