21 Jan 2016


Who can attend Reveal? Reveal Student Conference

21 Jan 2016

Who can attend Reveal?

Reveal Student Conference is designed for students in grades 6-12 or for college students as well as leaders and youth pastors.

I want to bring a group to Reveal.
How should I register?

Youth pastors or leaders should register their groups above at the “registration” section of the site. If your group is smaller than 8, you will need to register students individually instead of as a group. By registering a student of 8+, you do not have to register each student individually and names of each registrant are not needed.

I’m a student and not attending with a group.
What do I do?

If you are a student and are not attending Reveal with a group, you need to register individually online. This is required for groups with seven people or less. You can still register for a meal plan as well. You will check in and get your bracelet at the door as a single attendee.

What is a meal plan?

A meal plan was created to assist churches with providing meals for their students throughout the conference. The meal plans are an additional $15 per person in addition to the conference registration. They include meals after Friday’s session, after Saturday morning’s session and after Saturday night’s session. They do not include a meal after Sunday’s session. You will find that many area hotels include a free continental breakfast.

Are discounts available for pastors?

Youth pastors + their spouse will attend REVEAL for free regardless of whether they bring a group or not. Please email our Reveal Admin at reveal@theheartlandchurch.com if you would like to attend Reveal and are not planning to bring a group. We would like to help you make arrangements and provide you some additional information.

Who should I contact with questions?

We have an incredible admin team at Reveal Conference that looks forward to serving you. Contact us at 469-568-7506 or email us at reveal@theheartlandchurch.com.

A Special Note for Pastors and Student Pastors

In addition to our ministry to students, youth pastors and spouses are a special focus for Reveal. It’s our genuine hope that this weekend allows you to relax and connect with others in ministry. Our Connect Lounge was especially created to allow you to connect and meet other youth pastors and leaders. Our Connect Lounge will feature a meal after each session for you and your spouse (or guest). We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity and stay throughout the weekend so we can serve you.

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